Lesson 04 – Stats to Start: Midfielders and Forwards

Midfielders and forwards are the lifeblood of every daily fantasy football team and working out the stats to follow is crucial to succeeding in all types of contests.


Lets not beat around the bush. Wingers are some of the most valuable players on daily fantasy football and you will need at least one in your team. The key is picking the players that are going to contribute crosses, assists, goals and shots on a given match day whilst not taking a huge hit in the salary column.

Attacking midfielders are another position that lends itself to a similar set of statistics. They are often cheaper than wingers due to the sole reason they aren’t traditionally played out wide and conversely don’t cross the ball as much. This is a particularly good way to get cheaper points as attacking midfielders are deployed out wide by some teams and will drift wide at certain points if required. Attacking midfielders also tend to score more goals than wingers.

Deep lying midfielders are the final strand to midfielders and tend to contribute to the defensive side of a team’s strategy. That isn’t to say that they don’t get forward, it’s just that they’re far less valuable for fantasy purposes. Why? First off they don’t contribute as many crosses or assists than more advanced players. It’s true that there are more interceptions and tackles in this area yet that is offset by fouls conceded.


Goals remain the very best way to score points on daily fantasy football and your aim should be to save your precious pennies to spend on this part of your team. One consideration to make here is where the players listed as forwards actually play and how they play. In recent years the 4-4-2 formation has become less and less common and given way to formations that utilise forwards as wingers or even as attacking midfielders, such as 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. Goals are still incredibly important here but assists are common. Put simply, forwards are the big points scorers to build your team around.


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