Lesson 01 – Welcome to Daily Fantasy Football

If you think you know fantasy football then think again. DraftKings 1-Day fantasy football is a whole new way to experience the thrills and spills of a football fans favourite thing beyond being in the ground. Forget about elongated fantasy football games where you’re limited by the amount of transfers you can make and stuck with a bunch of sub-standard players for the entire season. Change your team every week and win prizes whilst you’re doing so. Try it once and you’ll be back every week.

Why Play

Fantasy football has been waiting for this revolution for some time. To kick things off, there hasn’t been a fantasy game that rewarded people that really know their stuff about football until now. The statto’s of the world. Most players in the UK are used to season-long formats that quickly become irrelevant and reward players that largely pick an identical team to their friends. The prizes are low and the knowledge level is the same across the board. DraftKings offers you the opportunity to pick a completely different team every week with no penalties for making too many transfers or using your wild card early on in the season, because you essentially get a wild card every week.

Football is more than the Premier League

Even though it’s the most exciting league on the planet, there’s more to fantasy football than the Premier League. By playing daily fantasy football on DraftKings you can also take part in contests based on the UEFA Champions League and Major League Soccer. This means year-round options and the excuse to swot up on even more games every week. You’ll also be best positioned when players eventually end up in the Premier League and start tearing it up.

It’s made for daily fantasy

Football is perfect for the daily fantasy format thanks to the amount of games played in a short period of time. Keeping track of your team’s scoring from the game centre is ideally suited to a sport where scores change quickly, action is happening at all times and league positions are constantly in a state of flux.

Every time a player puts in a cross, makes an interception, saves a shot and ultimately scores a goal, it’ll be updated in real time. Play in head-to-head or larger competitions whilst developing a bulletproof strategy that means you’ll win regardless. Want to know more? We’ve put together all the tips you need to rub your friends’ faces in it whilst enjoying a few pints down your local.


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For Rookies:

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Balancing Your Lineup

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