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This is where you learn everything there is to know about daily fantasy football. Most of you already have the knowledge side down to a fine art, so we’ve got the lowdown on all there is to know about DraftKings 1-day fantasy football. Whether you want to know how to get started or need advanced pointers on subjects like stacking, it’s all here.

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Lesson 01 – Welcome to Daily Fantasy Football

Welcome to the exciting, rapidly expanding game of daily fantasy football on DraftKings!

Lesson 02 – Scoring and Roster Analysis

Getting to grips with the scoring system is essential to making it as a daily fantasy football player

Lesson 03 – Stats to Start: Goalkeepers and Defenders

Goalkeepers and defenders offer some of the best value out there on daily fantasy football.

Lesson 04 – Stats to Start: Midfielders and Forwards

Reading between the lines can unearth some daily fantasy gems at midfield and forward.

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Lesson 01 – Stacking Strategies

Stacking is just as important in daily fantasy football as it is in all other sports. Jamie Hinks explains why.

Lesson 02 – Position Eligibility and Formations

Combining formation knowledge with positional eligibility is a sure fire way to save money for forwards.

Lesson 03 – Line-up Building

Jamie Hinks explains why balancing big money forwards with affordable defenders goes a long way to determining your performance.

Lesson 04 – Chances and Opportunities

Jamie Hinks looks at the huge effect chance creation has on the outcome of daily fantasy football contests.

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Lesson 01 – Transfer Market and Contracts

Jamie Hinks gets to grips with the most exciting part of the season: the transfer window.

Lesson 02 – Form and Recent Hot Streaks

Jamie Hinks tells us how team form and player form can affect hot streaks in football.

Lesson 03 – Effects of Out of League Games

Teams that play in multiple leagues can effect the starting eleven in football. Jamie Hinks explains how to approach this subject.

Lesson 04 – Narrative Impact

Tabloid chatter and mind games are just two ways the narrative around football is built. Jamie Hinks explains how this can be exploited for daily fantasy football value.