DK Gaffer: GPPs vs Cash Games

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League

A brand new season of Premier League daily fantasy football is just over a couple of weeks away and that means time to start swopping up on strategy ahead of the first contests of the season being posted in the DraftKings lobby.

The contest types on DraftKings vary wildly and with such choice it’s only right that you understand every single one of them to ensure the best opportunity of winning a prize. Today, DraftKings FC distinguishes between cash games and guaranteed prize pools (GPPs) before suggesting some of the strategies that you may want to employ in those contests.

What are cash games?

When in the DK lobby, the category of contest that are often referred to by players as ‘cash games’ are head-to-heads and 50/50s. A 50/50 contest pays out prizes to half of entrants – think of it as a head-to-head just with more participants. H2H’s are far more obvious, the winner taking all the money and loser left with nothing.

How GPP contests differ

GPPs are by far the biggest contests ever offered on DK and the prize pool amount of always guaranteed regardless of whether it fills or not. Using the $2.5M Fantasy Golf Millionaire contest as an example, this is how one appears in the desktop lobby:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.55.59

The green ‘G’ denotes that it is guaranteed and you can also sort by type so that any contest that is non-guaranteed will be left out. Many of the GPPs permit multiple line-ups to be entered and this allows players to significantly increase their opportunity of winning some cash.

Now that we’ve clarified what the two contest types are, here are some pointers on how to create a successful strategy.



Building for a cash game

Winning money in a cash game is a less daunting task than doing the same in a GPP, however, it doesn’t mean that having a solid strategy isn’t handy. Knowing that you only need to finish in the top 50%, picking players that have a reliably high point-floor is the way to go.

Looking back at last season, this means picking someone like West Ham’s Dimitri Payet every week. Whilst his ownership is always high, Payet will score you 20-plus fantasy points almost every single matchday thanks to his scoring potential in a number of different categories.

Picking an eight-man line-up that contains players with proven high floors is key in cash games. Thinking about high ceiling performers is never a bad thing either it’s just that the highest ceiling players are those you want in your GPP line-up

Besting GPP Contests

Liverpool v Chelsea - Premier League

Want to win thousands of pounds playing fantasy football? GPPs are where you need to be. Winning one of these takes meticulous planning and using your skills as a fantasy football pro wisely.

Cash game players focus on performers that have the highest floors whilst GPP gurus target those stars of world football with the highest ceiling. Think Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Sergio Agüero and you’ve got the idea. Any player that can turn up and flip a game on its head single-handedly is a great option.

Whilst picking high ceiling guys is an obvious part of any successful GPP strategy, sifting through all the statistics to find under the radar players is another key strand. Take into account everything from the obvious factors such as current form and the next opponent to the less obvious elements like weather forecasts and media reports surrounding the player involved. In GPPs, picking a player that puts up 40+ fantasy points and is owned by a tiny percentage of other fantasy managers is the ideal scenario. That happens, and the rest of your line-up performs, you’re walking away with thousands.