Breaking News: Philippe Coutinho Reportedly Set to Join Barcelona

Liverpool CM/F Philippe Coutinho is reportedly set to join Barcelona for a €90 million base fee (£81.6m), with bonuses that could potentially increase the sum of the transfer to €120m (£108.8m). The 25-year-old Brazilian midfielder and winger shined during his stretch in the Premier League, tallying 34 goals in 138 league appearances with the Reds.

The acquisition of Coutinho starts to fill the vacancy left by Neymar, for Coutinho can both replace Neymar’s role at the left forward position and cover ground in the midfield. Coutinho’s ability to play well with both feet will allow Ernesto Valverde to be flexible with his game plan. With the news of this recent transfer, make sure to keep a close eye on how Barcelona continues to shape their new squad, including a potential (rumored) move of Andrés Iniesta.